2021 and Its Impact on the Value of Your Home!

The housing market in every sector throughout the United States has not only been resilient but existing home sales have reached their highest level in 13 years. January 2021 existing home sales are setting the stage. Sales rose 0.6% in December and 23.7% from January 2020 according to the National Association of Realtors and indicate another banner year for the housing market. Factors that contributed to the surge in buyer demand in the latter half of 2020 are still very much in play in 2021. Mortgage rates remain at a record low and a wave of younger buyers entering the market continues to grow. These factors, combined with many buyers evaluating their housing needs helped to fuel the competition for homes that became the norm in 2020, pushing prices skyward and leading homes to sell quickly.

There has been concern about listing and showing homes as well as viewing homes and moving during the Pandemic but with the Coronavirus Vaccine becoming available and Indiana and Kentucky having firm plans for administering the vaccine fears have eased. The stars have aligned with the combination of rising values on existing homes, low-interest rates, and folks being vaccinated daily. These factors are allowing homeowners to rethink and decide that now is the right time to sell and move to their dream home. 

The big question the Barbara Popp team is being asked is how to navigate this hot housing market? 

The combined years of experience that Barbara and her team bring to the housing market are invaluable at times like these. Having an experienced Realtor that knows current values for selling and buying in most neighborhoods and also understands the complexity and urgency in today’s negotiations are what make this team successful. The team’s on-going research, training, and willingness to educate you on the housing market are what is needed when selling and purchasing a home in this hot market.