Buying and Selling at the Same Time…You Need a Good Plan!

At Barbara Popp Real Estate Services, we strive to help you make solid housing and financial decisions.  Buying and selling simultaneously in today’s market can be stressful, especially if you need the money from your current house sale to put toward your next home.  Low-interest rates and housing supply being low continue to drive the market.  The experienced Barbara Popp team has learned a good plan, and working together can help make both transactions run smoothly.

A big worry for the seller-buyer is the timing of the two transactions and that one of two consequences will occur—two homes at one time or nowhere to live.  

Being prepared, doing your homework, working closely with your Realtor, and having a proper game plan allows you to buy and sell at the same time.  The most straightforward scenario is if you close your current home and purchase your new home on the same day.  That is not always possible. 

Your plan should allow for spending time for searching.  Know your desires and get serious about finding where you will buy and the types of properties you wish to purchase.  Get comfortable with specific neighborhoods and work with your Realtor on available inventory.  Preparing your house for a quick sale and the best possible price are critical to a fast sale.  Understanding your financial obligations will make for a smoother happier move.  Work with your Realtor so there are no surprises. Your Realtor will help you prepare a realistic budget that includes the costs of buying and selling.  This budget should include the cost of moving. 

Even doing everything right, you may find yourself in limbo for a short period.  While this is a concern, most homeowners can sell their homes, purchase a new home, and move before ever needing to rent temporary housing

You can do this.  It is normal to feel a little nervous when you are attempting to juggle so many balls at one time  You are dealing with significant transactions, and are talking about shelter and comfort for you and your family.  You want it to go well.

Fortunately, it usually does.  But even if there is a gap between your home sale and the purchase of your new home, you can always rent temporary housing or stay with family or friends.  This may not be an ideal plan and you will most likely laugh about the situation in years to come.

The Barbara Popp team is here to help with how to make your home more appealing when selling and  give sound advice on what to look for when purchasing a new home.  Finding a lender that works best for you is also some information they can provide.  As a homeowner, your job is to be prepared and have a plan.  Their job is to work as your partner in making this move the best ever!