The Popp Report – Take off the Rose-Colored Glasses

There is nothing more important than making a “First Impression” this applies whether you are buying a new home, selling your present home or if your home just needs its yearly clean-up. With Spring upon us and the weather getting warmer this plays in our favor to go outside and realistically take a look at the house we live in. At Barbara Popp Real Estate, our advice is simple… Take off the Rose-Colored Glasses. By this we mean walk or drive to the curb in front of your home and say to yourself … “would I buy this house? It’s amazing what you will see.

First, look at the front of the house as a whole and at the yard. Everything looks a little grim after winter. What can you do to spruce everything up at an affordable price?

  • Look at the front door and garage door if it faces the street… do they need a coat of paint?
  • If you have shutters… are they straight and do they need painting?
  • What does the yard look like… weeds, brown spots, and do the shrubs need trimming? Mulch is your friend … cheap and easy to add.  
  • Window Boxes and planters get them planted as quickly as possible with bright, inviting flowers.
  • Are the windows dirty? You may need to get a window washer, but what a difference it makes.
  • Clean the gutters
  • Fertilize your yard and edge along walkways and the driveway.
  • Outdoor light fixtures… do they need to be replaced, or can you just give them a good wash and maybe paint?
  • Is the mailbox straight, does it need a new coat of paint or just replaced?

You will be amazed at what these simple fixes will do to your home. And, remember cleanliness is next to godliness… sweep walkways and porches often!

Our homes are the largest investment most of us make. Remember the importance of “Making a good first impression.”

For most of our lifetimes, Barbara Popp Real Estate Services team members have worked, played, and raised our families in this region. It is home to all of us. We are proud of where we live and are pleased to invite those moving to the area to join us in becoming good neighbors.