The Popp Report – Home Entry and Views

Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale – 

Selling your home no matter what the size or the price is stressful—the ultimate goal selling for the best price the market will bear. Over the next months, we will walk through a home and make affordable suggestions on what to do when getting your house ready to sell for the best price. We have selected an imaginary house and will share the floorplan and exterior for you to walk thru with us as we make suggestions. The plan is a 17-year-old one-story brick with walk-out lower level approximately 1,700 square feet.

We started this series with our “Rose Colored Glasses” report, which you can find on the Barbara Popp website. The “Rose Colored Glasses” story focused on exterior elements as you or your potential buyer drive up to the home and what you see. This article will focus on the front porch, opening the front door, and deck. Each space is critical to making that “good first impression” and selling your home. Outdoor space today is so valuable and is considered an extension of living space.

The front porch is a welcome addition to any home and needs to be inviting; this includes the front door. Sweep often, add a fresh doormat, be sure the front door is clean, or it may need a coat of fresh paint. A seasonal wreath on the door is inviting. If there are windows on the porch or door, they need to be clean, if there is room, add a chair or two, and a few new plants. Buyers like the idea of sitting on a front porch. 

Opening the front door and getting your first view of the interior can make or break a sale. “Light and bright” is so important when selling your home as is cleaning and eliminating clutter. Take a minute to open your front door. What do you see?

In this house, you open the front door to a great room. You can look through the house to the backyard. Having the benefit of this open space is good, but should you have a designated foyer? Step back and have a look – is it inviting? If you are using a table or chest in the entrance, it needs to be sized for space as this is your buyer’s first impression of the interior of your home. It needs to feel spacious and inviting. If possible, have a lamp on the table (turned on) a mirror is helpful if the space is small. If you have a rug or carpet in front of the door, it should be clean. 

The great room needs to be clean, organized, and decluttered. Open draperies and curtains for the house showing to let the light into the room. Again, be sure windows are clean as the buyer will be drawn to the windows to check out the back yard and deck. Arrange furniture to showcase the space. Proper furniture placement can help show off a room and makes an impact as a buyer walks through the property. Check the walls – sometimes a little paint can go a long way in making a home sellable. Neutral colors work well to make rooms look clean and fresh.

Seeing the deck or patio from inside the home can work to your advantage. This space is perfect for entertaining. To set the stage power wash the deck or patio, check outdoor furniture it may need to be painted or restrained, new seat cushions, a new umbrella on the table, fresh flowers and plants work wonders and can work for two to three seasons. Grass should be mowed and edged.

All of this may seem like a great deal of work, but most can be accomplished in one Saturday. Time well spent on getting you to a quick sale and a good price.